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SDEV visits Tai O to inspect follow-up work after typhoon (with photos)

The Secretary for Development, Mr Michael Wong, this afternoon (August 24) visited Tai O with the District Officer (Islands) , Mr Anthony Li; the Director of Drainage Services, Mr Edwin Tong; and Division Commander (Marine and Off-shore Islands) of the Fire Services Department, Mr Chan Wai-ho, to inspect the condition of Tai O after the flood and follow up work undertook by various government departments.

Mr Wong was briefed by Mr Tong on the flood prevention work carried out by the Drainage Services Department (DSD) in Tai O and other coastal low-lying areas in response to the threat of typhoon, including the installation of flood barriers at the riverwall in Tai O prior to the arrival of typhoon. DSD also activated its Emergency Control Centre and strengthened its manpower in handling flooding cases as well as dispatched manpower to stand by.

He also visited residents and shop tenants to learn about how they were affected by the flood and listened to their requests.
"After the passing of huge typhoon, relevant government departments would conduct a thorough review of their work to see if improvements could be done to enhance strength in prevention and emergency response arrangements," said Mr Wong.
"The Civil Engineering and Development Department had in 2013 completed the construction of a riverwall at Yat Chung in Tai O and the implementation of ancillary improvement measures at low-lying areas along Wing On Street and Tai Ping Street to alleviate flooding risks in the low-lying areas in Tai O. To further enhance the resisting capabilities of huge storm surges, the DSD will discuss with local residents and relevant government departments to explore the possibility of appropriately expanding the riverwall or extent of the flood barriers and improving flood prevention facilities such as stop-boards to enhance flood prevention capabilities," he added. 
Mr Wong also met with members of the Tai O Rural Committee today. He was pleased to know that the flood alert system for Tai O and the emergency response plan established by the DSD, the Hong Kong Observatory, the Islands District Office, the Hong Kong Police Force and other relevant departments had been effective during the typhoon which enabled an early flood alert, and timely evacuation and rescue as well as emergency relief to be carried out effectively in Tai O.
Typhoon Hato also caused flooding in a number of areas apart from Tai O, such as Lei Yue Mun Praya Road in Kwun Tong. The DSD had installed flood prevention facilities such as flood barriers or non-return valves in low-lying coastal areas susceptible to tidal back flow. Sand bags and temporarily pumping facilities were also in place prior to the arrival of the typhoon.
"To further reduce flooding risks in Lei Yue Mun brought by huge storm surges, the DSD will review the current situation with relevant departments, and discuss with residents the feasibility of installing more flood prevention facilities," said Mr Wong.

Ends/Thursday, August 24, 2017
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