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31/03/2017 SDEV's speaking notes on works policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
29/03/2017 LCQ7: Rural land uses
29/03/2017 LCQ12: Renewal of land leases
29/03/2017 LCQ10: Enacting legislation to regulate sub-divided units
29/03/2017 LCQ20: Information on public works
29/03/2017 LCQ5: Tap water supply for residents in remote areas
22/03/2017 LCQ15: Non-Civil Service Contract staff of the Buildings Department
22/03/2017 LCQ1: Manpower of construction industry
01/03/2017 LCQ13: Cost estimates of infrastructure projects
22/02/2017 LCQ3: Opening area of military dock for public use
22/02/2017 LCQ20: Modifications of a preservation-cum-development project by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
16/02/2017 SDEV's speech on Motion of Thanks in respect of CE's Policy Address (Debate Session 2) (Chinese Only)
08/02/2017 LCQ16: Territory-wide survey on the distribution and use of brownfield sites
08/02/2017 Acting SDEV’s closing remarks at LegCo’s motion debate on Rule 49E(2) of the Rules of Procedure (Chinese only)
11/01/2017 LCQ3: List of Recognised Villages
11/01/2017 LCQ2: Development of underground space

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