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09/07/2014 LCQ7: Railway property development projects
09/07/2014 LCQ3: Importation of construction workers
02/07/2014 LCQ16: Structures in breach of land leases on private agricultural land
18/06/2014 LCQ13: Antiquities and monuments excavated from works site of MTR Shatin to Central Link
11/06/2014 LCQ5: The "Hong Kong Property for Hong Kong People" policy
11/06/2014 LCQ7: Re-zoning of a site near the Hong Kong Science Park to residential use
11/06/2014 LCQ20: The "PMQ" project
04/06/2014 LCQ5: Construction and demolition waste generated from site offices in public works projects
28/05/2014 LCQ6: The "PMQ" Project
21/05/2014 LCQ2: Monuments and antiques unearthed at railway construction sites
21/05/2014 LCQ6: The "PMQ" Project
14/05/2014 LCQ2: Environmentally friendly linkage system in Kowloon East
14/05/2014 LCQ9: Demand-led Redevelopment Project Pilot Scheme
07/05/2014 LCQ13: Restriction on alienation and sale of New Territories small houses
07/05/2014 LCQ8: Demand-led Redevelopment Project Pilot Scheme
07/05/2014 LCQ1: Revitalisation project implemented at the former Police Married Quarters on Hollywood Road
07/05/2014 LCQ2: Labour supply in the construction industry
07/05/2014 LCQ3: Large number of public works contracts and consultancy study contracts awarded to certain companies
07/05/2014 LCQ5: Lantau Development Advisory Committee
05/05/2014 Secretary for Development's opening remarks at LegCo's Public Accounts Committee public hearing (Chinese only)

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