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14/11/2018 LCQ5: Lantau Tomorrow Vision
14/11/2018 LCQ3: Measures to increase land supply
14/11/2018 LCQ13: Village Expansion Areas scheme
14/11/2018 LCQ 20: Handling of fallen trees and broken branches
14/11/2018 LCQ1: Suggestion on reorganising duties of Development Bureau and Transport and Housing Bureau
07/11/2018 LCQ9: Financial implications of reclamation projects under Lantau Tomorrow Vision
07/11/2018 LCQ7: Planning of the third Core Business District proposed to be built
07/11/2018 LCQ19: Pilot Scheme for Arbitration on Land Premium
07/11/2018 LCQ20: Capability of seawalls and breakwaters to withstand winds and waves
31/10/2018 LCQ10: Workmanship of private residential developments
24/10/2018 LCQ19: Assisting owners' organisations in inviting tenders for consultancy, cleaning and security services
24/10/2018 LCQ4: Preventing coastal and low-lying locations from being affected by storm surges and flooding
11/07/2018 LCQ13: Statistics on New Territories small houses
11/07/2018 LCQ12: Development of the roads and transport systems within Kai Tak Development
11/07/2018 LCQ19: Development of horticulture industry
04/07/2018 LCQ4: Harbourfront enhancement
04/07/2018 LCQ10: Use of the space on the rooftops of service reservoirs
27/06/2018 LCQ5: Use of Lands Resumption Ordinance by Government
27/06/2018 LCQ17: Implementation of Land Titles Ordinance and land title registration system
27/06/2018 LCQ10: Fresh water supply in Hong Kong in times of droughts in Guangdong Province

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