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1. Strength Development of High PFA Content Concrete The main objective of the investigation is to compare the strength development of OPC concrete and PFA concrete, subject to various curing environments and durations, and derive correlations between the 28-day strength and the long term strengths. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
2. Investigation of Cracks at Shek Wu Hui Treatment Plant The main objective is to investigate the cause of extensive cracking of the concrete at the Shek Wu Hui Treatment Plant at the request of the Standing Committee on Concrete Technology (SCCT). The extensive cracking present in the concrete walls of the sedimentation and aeration tanks is likely to be due to alkali silica reaction (ASR). PWCL, CEDD PDF.
3. Laboratory Investigation into the AAR Potential of Volcanic Rocks from Anderson Road Quarries The main objective of the investigation is to provide information for the evaluation of the suitability of the use of such rocks as aggregates in concrete. The investigation is to find out the alkali aggregate reaction potential of the volcanic rocks from Anderson Road Quarries. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
4. Recycling of Demolished Concrete as Aggregates It is to investigate the suitability of the use of recycled aggregates in structural concrete. No unified specification has been established. The promotion of using recycled aggregates with respect to the quality control on production of recycled aggregates still needs further considerations. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
5. Corrosion Rate of Steel Bars Produced by "Tempcore" Process The main objective of the investigation is to compare the surface rusting of the two types of steel reinforcement bars under various exposure conditions. It is to investigate the development of surface rusting of steel reinforcement bars produced by conventional hot-rolled method and by the Tempcore process. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
6. Comparative Study of Compressive Strength of 100mm Vs 150mm Concrete Cubes The main objective of the study is to investigate the suitability of specifying 100mm cubes in construction works and to propose suitable compliance criteria for assessing the quality of concrete using the 100mm cubes. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
7. Study on Use of Recycled Aggregates in Structural Concrete The objectives are to collect data/information to support the proposed amendments to the General Specifications for Civil Engineering Works (Hong Kong Government, 1992) in promoting the use of recycled aggregates in Civil and Structural Engineering Works. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
8. Testing of Aggregates for AAR Potential The investigation aims to introduce to readers briefly the types and mechanisms of the AAR. It also covers the use of different accelerated mortar bar test (AMBT) methods by the Public Works Central Laboratory (PWCL) of the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO), Civil Engineering Department (CED), for assessing the AAR potential of aggregate in Hong Kong and the conclusions and recommendations drawn. PWCL, CEDD PDF.
9. Durability Study for Normal Grade Concrete with Recycle Aggregates The purpose of this project is to compare the properties of different mixes of concrete produced with natural aggregate and produced using recycled aggregate, with 20% and 100% replacement by weight, and with 0% and 35% PFA replacement. Concrete cubes, concrete cylinders and concrete prisms are cast for testing. PWCL, CEDD PDF.