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1 Opening Speech of SCCT Chairman PDF.
2 Part 1- Professor Tom Harrison : Modern Concept & Approach to Quality Control of Concrete Production PDF.
3 Part 2 - Ir Albert Leung of Jacobs Babtie : New Concrete Code Adopted in HK PDF.
4 Part 3 - Mr. Jaime Yeung of Concrete Producers Association, HK : Guo Biao (GB) ((國標)) - the Present and the future PDF.
5 Part 4 - Mr. William Chan of HKQAA : Quality Scheme for the Production and Supply of Concrete (QSPSC) PDF.
6 Part 5 - Mr. Richard Summers of Quality Control Consultants Ltd. : Quality Assurance for Precast Concrete Production PDF.
7 Part 6 - Mr. K K Choi of Green Island Cement Co. Ltd. : Quality Assurance of Cement and Pulverized Fuel Ash from Prodcution to Construction PDF.
8 Rundown programme and Profile of Speakers PDF.