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Important Dates 



20 or 27 February 2017 Deadline of submitting reply slip for briefing session Annex 9
2:30pm, 22 February 2017 Briefing Session 1  
2:30pm, 1 March 2017 Briefing Session 2  
6:30pm, 8 March 2017 Briefing Session 3  
12:00noon, 7 April 2017  Deadline of Proposals submission  For details, please refer to Section 6 and Annexes 1 - 8
April 2017 Shortlisting of Proposals by the OC  
April - early May 2017 Selection of the Shortlisted Proposals by the Panel  
Early May 2017 Notification of final results to the Selected Teams  
By 12 May 2017 Signing of agreement with the Commissioned Teams  
The 1st commission instalment to the Commissioned Teams About 10% of the total
May - June 2017 Negotiation and confirmation of Proposals with the OC, including the submission of detailed implementation plan, design drawing for Artwork production and installation, feasibility study report and professional drawings sealed by the RSE, if applicable  
Technical vetting of feasibility study report, if applicable  
Agreement execution and commissioned Artwork fabrication  
The 2nd commission instalment to the Commissioned Teams About 50% of the total
June - July 2017 Installation of commissioned Artwork  
Submission of certificate sealed by the RSE, confirming the satisfactory completion of the Artworks and installations, structural integrity and safety, if applicable  
Inspection and handover of commissioned Artwork  
Late July 2017 The 3rd commission instalment to the Commissioned Teams upon satisfactory receipt of auditor's report   About 30% of the total
After one-year warranty since commissioned Artwork handover The 4th commission instalment to the Commissioned Teams About 10% of the total

Note: The Organiser reserves the right to amend the schedule