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共同努力 規劃未來(Chinese only) (19/2/2017)


同理同心 共為民生(Chinese only) (12/2/2017)


文物探知 時代憶記(Chinese only) (5/2/2017)


New year wishes – Launch of people-oriented public works projects for benefit of the community (29/1/2017)

As the Year of the Rooster begins, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in Hong Kong good health and harmony. I would also like to wish Hong Kong and the Mainland prosperity and stability. The Lunar New Year is an important traditional Chinese festival. I know that many of you visit your relatives and friends during the public holidays, while some make wishes at the Wong Tai Sin Temple, Che Kung Temple or Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree according to tradition, hoping that everything will go smooth in the coming year. As the Acting Secretary for Development, I have special new year wishes for this year too. I hope that all the public works projects will be launched smoothly, the progress of housing construction be expedited, and public facilities be commissioned for public enjoyment as soon as possible. I also hope that we can further strengthen the cost control of public works projects, so that social resources can be used more effectively……

Sustained efforts to boost land supply (22/1/2017)

The Chief Executive has recently announced the 2017 Policy Address entitled “Make Best Use of Opportunities, Develop the Economy, Improve People’s Livelihood, Build an Inclusive Society“. As top priority of the current-term Government’s policy agenda, housing and land supply continues to be the foci of the annual policy address. I believe we all agree that land supply is vital to the sustainable development of housing, economy and society. For this reason, the policy priority of the Government over the past few years has always been adopting a multi-pronged approach to provide sufficient short-, medium- and long-term land supply to meet the ever increasing housing demand, to support the sustainable and diversified economic growth, and to ensure that Hong Kong has the essential infrastructural facilities to enhance the city’s overall competitiveness and improve Hong Kong people’s quality of life......


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