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防範斜坡 提防風險(Chinese only) (23/4/2017)


考察東江 加強溝通(Chinese only) (16/4/2017)


搭自動梯 注意安全(Chinese only) (9/4/2017)


Tree care to ensure safety (2/4/2017)

With spring in the humid air, flowers are in full bloom. Yesterday, I attended the “Hong Kong Tree Planting Day 2017”, which aims at promoting nature conservation, tree protection and public participation. While we enjoy lovely blossoms with our families at a park during holidays, have we ever realised that regular care is crucial to the healthy growth of trees? Trees, like any other organisms, have a natural life cycle. They grow, age, become weak and die. Their conditions also vary with time and the surroundings. To create a comfortable and save living environment, it is not only the efforts of government departments to maintain the trees professionally, property owners and management personnel should not take the matter lightly. They have to examine and properly maintain trees on their properties before the onset of wet season……

Precautionary measures to prevent and control flooding (26/3/2017)

In recent years, extreme weather has wreaked havoc across the globe and Hong Kong cannot remain unaffected. Taking last year as an example, the annual total rainfall in Hong Kong was 3,027 millimetres, which is the ninth highest on record. The rainfall recorded in January and October was 267 mm and 624 mm respectively. These figures were several times higher than the normal value of 24.7 mm and 100.9 mm and they hit the highest and second highest rainfall record for these two months respectively. The black rainstorm warning issued on October 19 last year was the first ever issued in October since the rainstorm warning system came into operation. In view of this, we must take precautions and prepare for the rainy season to safeguard the lives and property of the public......


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