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全面覓地 迎難而上(二)(Chinese only) (19/3/2017)


Embrace Challenges in Comprehensive Site-Searching (1) (12/3/2017)

High property prices, soaring rents and inadequate housing have troubled Hong Kong people for the past years. The 2017 Policy Address announced in January by the Chief Executive summed up the progress of the Government’s initiatives on increasing land supply in the short, medium and long term, which had laid a solid foundation for resolving the long-standing imbalance between land supply and demand......

Overseas visits to promote connectivity (5/3/2017)

Since its establishment in 2013, the Economic Development Commission and its four working groups have been providing visionary direction and advice on the overall strategy and policy to broaden Hong Kong’s economic base and to enhance Hong Kong’s economic growth and development. The former Secretary for Development, as an ex-officio member of both the Commission and the Working Group on Professional Services, led a delegation to visit Myanmar in 2015 to learn about the local infrastructure, ports development as well as the business operation of Hong Kong businessmen in Myanmar, so as to understand the demand for professional services in countries along the Belt and Road. Last week (26 February to 3 March), I led a delegation comprising members of the Working Group and industry practitioners to visit Cambodia and Indonesia in the capacity of the Secretary for Development to explore the feasibility of developing infrastructure and other projects in co-operation with local enterprises. I hope to share with you some of my thoughts about this fruitful trip......

Sustaining steady land supply (26/2/2017)

A few days ago, I announced the Government’s 2017-18 Land Sale Programme, which comprises 28 residential sites capable of providing about 18 900 flats, three commercial/business sites and one hotel site which can provide about 172 000 square metres of floor area and about 550 rooms respectively. Other sources of supply include railway property development projects capable of providing a total of some 8 030 flats; projects of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) capable of providing about 480 units; and private redevelopment or development projects which could provide about 4 200 units (based on the past 10-year average figures). Combining all the aforementioned sources, it is estimated that the total potential private housing land supply in the next financial year is capable of providing about 31 620 flats. We will continue to work hard and closely monitor the market situation. We will spare no effort in identifying suitable sites for development. Our aim is to ensure a steady and sustained land supply to meet the community’s land demand for private housing and other uses.……

Work together to plan for the future (19/2/2017)

While writing this blog, I feel deeply honoured to be appointed as the Secretary for Development. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the Central People's Government and the HKSAR Government’s support and trust in me. Since I joined the Government in 2014 as Under Secretary for Development, I have been paying heed to the mission of serving the public, through close collaboration with Mr. Paul Chan, the former Secretary for Development and colleagues from various departments, to take forward the various policy initiatives and measures. The Development Bureau (DEVB) is always fraught with controversial and difficult issues. A lot of efforts have to be made to lobby for support and engage the stakeholders. Over the past years, I have attended District Council (DC) meetings and different consultation forums to explain our policies. I also took part in identifying land for development. These experiences are invaluable. While new town developments and planning of individual projects take years to realise, differences can be bridged over time and problems resolved through incremental and sincere communications. In the next few months, I will continue to lead the team in DEVB, with dedication and devotion, to build the city and create a better and quality living environment for the next generation……


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