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Successful conclusion of the Hong Kong 2020 International Urban Forestry Conference (9/2/2020)

The Hong Kong 2020 International Urban Forestry Conference, the first-ever international conference on urban forestry organised by the Development Bureau (DEVB), was held at the JC Cube Auditorium, Tai Kwun, Central on 16 and 17 January. Under the theme of “Challenges and Opportunities of Urban Greening in High-density Cities”, the two-day conference invited more than 20 local, overseas and mainland speakers and attracted over 600 professionals and students to share views and experience on matters related to urban forestry. This time, I have specially invited the Head of Greening and Landscape Office (H/GLO) of the DEVB, Ms Vina WONG, to give you the conference details……

The Yuk Hui Temple in Wan Chai (2/2/2020)

The Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) under the Development Bureau (DEVB) is an office dedicated to heritage conservation and education. It strives to protect and conserve the archaeological and built heritage of Hong Kong, and to enhance the public’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of our cultural legacy. I have written several blog posts to share the work of the AMO and introduce various historic buildings in the territory. Earlier, the Yuk Hui Temple in Wan Chai has been declared as a monument. This time, I have specially invited a colleague from the AMO to introduce to us the history and architectural features of the old temple ……

與「老友記」慶新春 (Chinese only) (26/1/2020)


Hong Kong Museum of Art after renovation (19/1/2020)

Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA), the oldest public museum in the city, has recently reopened after renovation, presenting visitors with a refreshing interior and exterior. This time, I have specially invited two colleagues from the Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) to talk about how to give the museum a makeover to provide visitors with more open views and enhance its accessibility. The makeover has also shortened the distance between works of art and people as well as the environment......

Hong Kong hosts the Construction Innovation Expo for the first time (12/1/2020)

The Government has all along been encouraging the construction industry to proactively adopt innovation and technology in recent years. The first large-scale Construction Innovation Expo (CIExpo) held in Hong Kong earlier has attracted more than 23 800 visitors. The CIExpo featured four key themes with in-depth exploration of Offsite Construction, Robotics and Automation, Digital Solutions, as well as Advanced Technologies and Materials. This time, let me introduce the content of the CIExpo and invite the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and departmental colleagues to share their application of innovation and technology......


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