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Electrical and Mechanical Services Department — sparing no effort to fight and guard against the virus (1) (13/9/2020)

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of this year, the Government has been highly vigilant. As one of the departments, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has always carried out its duties faithfully with the utmost determination and perseverance, assisting various departments and public organisations in their provision of professional services to respond to the immediate needs of the community. For two weeks in a row, I will share with you the EMSD’s anti-epidemic efforts here in “My Blog”. This week we have the Director of the Electrical and Mechanical Services, Mr PANG Yiu-hung, to talk about the department’s vital supporting role in our fight against the epidemic. Two other colleagues of the EMSD will share with us their “no ordinary mission” and the challenges they have encountered in the process......

Advocating harbourfront development on both sides of the Victoria Harbour (6/9/2020)

The Victoria Harbourfront is a unique urban landscape of Hong Kong, featuring our harbourfront promenades which have become popular leisure and “check-in” hotspots on social media. Over the past three years, five kilometres of new harbourfront promenades have been created on both sides of the harbour, including the Shek Tong Tsui to Wan Chai section and the North Point Pier harbourfront areas on Hong Kong Island; and those in the West Kowloon Cultural District, Tsim Sha Tsui and the Tsuen Wan waterfront area. This time, I have specially invited Mr NG Wing-shun, Vincent, who was recently re-appointed as the Chairman of the Harbourfront Commission (HC), to talk about the future harbourfront development, the public engagement plan for harbourfront activities and ways to facilitate the public to come close to the waterfront through a special platform under the epidemic......

Online seminars on building safety offered by the Buildings Department (30/8/2020)

To promote the message of building safety and timely maintenance, the Buildings Department (BD) of the Development Bureau organises seminars on various topics for the building industry, property owners, property management companies and schools every year. Under the pandemic, however, face-to-face seminars are no longer a suitable option. In view of that, the BD has recently organised its first online seminar to talk about building drainage pipes and share tips on precautionary measures during the typhoon season, which are the topics of interest for the general public and property management practitioners alike. The response was overwhelming……

Cargo clearance facilities at Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point to open first (23/8/2020)

Infrastructure facilities are important and crucial to what Hong Kong has achieved today. The soon-to-be commissioned Liantang /Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point (BCP), which is the seventh land-based boundary control point located at the boundary between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, is of no exception. In view of the COVID-19 epidemic, both Guangdong and Hong Kong have agreed to open first the cargo clearance facilities for use by cross-boundary goods vehicles from 4pm this Wednesday to further facilitate freight transport. At the initial stage of the commissioning of the BCP, its operating hours for cargo clearance will be from 7am to 10pm daily......

Launching the Study Sponsorship Scheme to nurture arboriculture practitioners (16/8/2020)

With growing concerns over tree management and maintenance in the society, the Government has recognised the need to nurture more talents with related knowledge and skills. The Development Bureau (DEVB) announced earlier that the Study Sponsorship Scheme (the Scheme) under the Urban Forestry Support Fund (the Fund) is open for application to encourage more youngsters to join the arboriculture and horticulture industry, so as to build up the industry's strength and capability to keep our urban forest healthy, thereby protecting public safety. This time, I have invited a young youngster who has applied for the study sponsorship to share with us his experience in undertaking an arboriculture programme. Meanwhile, a colleague of the Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section (GLTMS) of the DEVB and a lecturer of an educational institute will talk to us about the details of the Scheme and the training of arboriculture practitioners......


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