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Development and conservation of Lok Ma Chau Loop (11/8/2019)

In recent years, the Government has introduced various policies to support the innovation and technology industry, one of which is the development of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park (the Park) at the Lok Ma Chau Loop (the Loop). The infrastructure works of the Loop are undertaken by the Development Bureau and the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD). The Under Secretary for Development, Mr LIU Chun-san, and the Political Assistant to the Secretary for Development, Mr FUNG Ying-lun, Allen, went to the Loop earlier with two secondary school students who had participated in the “Be a Government Official for a Day” programme. They were briefed by the colleagues of the CEDD on the works progress and how the natural environment could be conserved while development takes place......

Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders set up (4/8/2019)

The Government has been implementing public works projects in an orderly manner to improve people's quality of living, enhance Hong Kong's long-term competitiveness and promote economic development. The Development Bureau (DEVB) established the Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders (CoE) earlier to offer a high-level leadership development programme to senior public officers with a view to enhancing the overall performance of public works projects. This time, I have invited the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) (PSW), Mr LAM Sai-hung, to introduce the purpose and details of setting up the CoE......

H6 CONET – A place for the community that can be shared and enjoyed by the public (28/7/2019)

Urban renewal is never merely about the transformation of the hardware, such as redeveloping old buildings and improving the built environment. Instead, it is more important to let those living in the neighbourhood embrace the uniqueness and vibrancy of the vicinity and promote the community’s long-term development. Recently, I visited H6 CONET, a community space operated by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) in the bustling Central district, with two secondary school students taking part in the “Be a Government Official for a Day” programme. We were briefed by colleagues of the URA on how they integrate a district’s local characteristics and cultural landscape in undertaking urban renewal development projects to create an environment with distinct local characteristics and enhance the community’s sense of belonging......

Young Lo Pan inherit construction wisdom (21/7/2019)

Last Monday (15 July) was Lo Pan Patron’s Day. I was invited to officiate at the presentation ceremony of the Young Lo Pan Award. Apart from promoting the spirit of Lo Pan, the Master of Crafts, the ceremony also aimed to recognise young practitioners with outstanding performance in the construction industry, so as to foster their sense of belonging to the industry and encourage more young people to join. At the ceremony, the atmosphere was vibrant and full of energy thanks to the attendance of young people who are new blood in the industry. In particular, I have invited two young awardees to share stories of how they joined the industry and details of their work......

Restoration of river ecology to bring back flickering fireflies (14/7/2019)

The Drainage Services Department (DSD) has implemented a pilot project on biodiversity improvement of drainage channels by rehabitating river habitats to bring back fluttering fireflies of rare species. Recently, the DSD together with the Firefly Conservation Foundation and a group of secondary school students visited one of the pilot sites, Kwan Tei River in Fanling, to release firefly larvae to the river channel where they would continue to grow and reproduce. This time, I have particularly invited a colleague of the DSD and the chairman of the foundation, to share with us the work of river rehabitation and its results, as well as the journey of how fireflies return to nature......


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