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Exercising public power to resume land for public housing development (20/10/2019)

The Chief Executive has identified housing and land supply as the top priorities in her latest Policy Address, proposing a Government-led approach for the planning of land use and infrastructure and to resume the required private land for established public purposes, so that members of the public can see that the Government is using its full strength to develop land in the short, medium and long term for our people. The Development Bureau will press ahead with the work on this front with our utmost endeavours by intensifying the planning efforts in three aspects. Our specific planning objective is to resume the land wholly for public housing, “Starter Homes” and related infrastructure development. Here, I would like to talk about the various work that are in the pipeline......

“E&M Go!” (13/10/2019)

Electrical and mechanical (E&M) facilities can be found everywhere in Hong Kong. With a considerable number of public works projects and private construction projects slated for completion in the coming years, there will be a keen demand for E&M talents. Recently, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) and the industry organised the annual “E&M Go!” Orientation Ceremony to welcome young trainees and encourage them to realise their potential and aspirations in the industry. This time, I have specifically invited the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (DEMS), Mr SIT Wing-hang, Alfred, to introduce the purpose and details of the event and share with us the department’s work in nurturing E&M talents......

Advanced technologies to rehabilitate pipes (6/10/2019)

There are more than 4 500 kilometres of underground stormwater drains and sewers across Hong Kong. Many of those in the old districts have been in use for over 30 years. The sewers, in particular, are more prone to ageing and deterioration due to prolonged exposure to corrosive gases brought by sewage. Since earlier this year, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) has gradually rehabilitated the high-risk underground pipes by adopting a pipe repair method that requires no excavation of pipe trenches or road surfaces in order to alleviate inconvenience caused to the public during the works. This time, I have invited a DSD colleague to introduce the use of this advanced trenchless technology for rehabilitation works to reduce the risk of water overflow.......

Keep on committing resources to ensure building safety (29/9/2019)

To cater for a growing population and support economic development, a large number of building developments were completed in the 1970s to 80s. According to the statistics of the Buildings Department, as of end-2018, over 6 800 of the 35 400 private domestic buildings in Hong Kong were aged 50 years or above. In the face of Hong Kong’s ageing buildings stock, it is an important livelihood issue to encourage owners to carry out proper building repairs and maintenance to ensure building safety and enhance the living environment......

First outstanding female apprentice of the Water Supplies Department (22/9/2019)

To ensure the provision of a reliable and quality water supply service, the frontline work of the Water Supplies Department (WSD) is very crucial and our artisans have played an indispensable role. Since 2015 WSD has run an apprentice training scheme to nurture artisans, recruiting about ten Technician Trainee II (Waterworks) each year and offering them a series of on-the-job training. Early this year, the first female apprentice under the scheme, Ms KAO Fuk-yee, Koey, received the Outstanding Apprentices Award by the Vocational Training Council, giving the department a shot in the arm for its dedication to training young people to join the industry. This time, I have particularly invited her to share with us her training, work experience and future expectations......


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