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Task force on “waste reduction at source” at reservoirs (24/11/2019)

Currently there are 17 impounding reservoirs in Hong Kong, in which a variety of living organisms such as algae, zooplankton, and fish can be found. These living organisms grow naturally in a state of ecological balance. However, the water quality of some of the reservoirs have been affected by an excessive growth of algae. Therefore, to ensure an ecological balance and to maintain good water quality, the Water Supplies Department (WSD) maintains a certain quantity of fish, which feed on algae, in such reservoirs by stocking fish fry into them regularly. This time, I have invited colleagues from the WSD to tell us more about the “fish army” and the work of “reservoir fishermen” at the reservoirs......

Integrating rivers into communities (17/11/2019)

In recent years, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) has been carrying out improvement works to enhance the drainage capability of rivers. In parallel, efforts are being made to integrate rivers into their surroundings by introducing green elements and beautifying the scenery so as to foster a water-friendly culture. In this year’s Policy Address, the Chief Executive has proposed to develop and take forward the concept of “Rivers in the City”. This time, I have invited two engineers of the DSD to talk to us about upcoming river revitalisation projects, and explain how to enhance connectivity between rivers and communities through the introduction of water bodies revitalisation facilities.....

International Water Association Asia Pacific Regional Group Conference (10/11/2019)

The 8th International Water Association (IWA) Asia Pacific Regional Group Conference and Exhibition was recently held in Hong Kong under the theme of “Smart Solutions for Water Resilience”. The conference has attracted experts and delegates from more than 30 countries and regions to exchange views on issues of water resources policy and management, smart water supply, sustainable development and climate change. This time, I have specially invited the Chairman of the Organising Committee (OC) of this international conference, Mr CHAU Sai-wai, Deputy Director of Water Supplies (DD of WS), and the Vice Chairman, Mr MAK Ka-wai, Deputy Director of Drainage Services (DD of DS), to give you the conference details......

Tung Chung New Town Extension Project in good progress (3/11/2019)

The Government has been planning to further develop the Tung Chung New Town (TCNT) into a comprehensively planned new town with a larger population capacity and adequate local and regional community facilities. Earlier, the joint subcommittees of the Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) and I visited the site of near-shore reclamation of the TCNT Extension (TCNTE). There, we were briefed by the Head of the Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO), Mr FONG Hok-shing, Michael, and his colleagues on the planning of the extension area and the latest works progress......

Planning Department Outreach Programme (27/10/2019)

Hong Kong is a densely populated city. The question of how to shape our high-density city into a quality living and working environment, to uplift liveability and strike a right balance on land utilisation to meet various needs of society makes town planning a really challenging task. As public participation and support form an integral part of the town planning process, the Planning Department (PlanD) Outreach Programme has been held for years to enhance interest of the public, particularly our younger generations, in the surrounding environment and town planning through various different activities, and encourage active participation in district planning processes. This time I have invited a colleague from the PlanD to tell us more about the Outreach Programme......


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