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The two Secretaries’ visit to the Water Supplies Department’s floating photovoltaic system (6/5/2018)

To tackle the impacts of climate change, departments under the Development Bureau (DEVB) have been proactively implementing a host of energy-saving measures, including those to enhance energy efficiency in the operational processes and to explore the application of renewable energy in various facilities. Recently, I have invited the Secretary for the Environment, Mr WONG Kam-sing, for a visit together to the Water Supplies Department’s (WSD) floating photovoltaic (FPV) system at Plover Cove Reservoir to better understand its effectiveness in environmental protection and energy saving. I would like to share our visit with you……

Land for Hong Kong: Our Home, Our Say (29/4/2018)

Providing a steady and sustainable land supply to cope with Hong Kong's various development needs tops the Government's agenda. Since its establishment in September last year, the Task Force on Land Supply appointed by the Chief Executive has already held 14 meetings to take a thorough and macro review of the 18 land supply options. Last week, the Task Force officially launched a five-month public engagement (PE) exercise to engage the community in discussions on the pros and cons of the different options and their priorities. The objective is to allow the public to grasp the basic information on the various options before making choices and decisions. At the present stage, the Government will listen carefully to public views of various sectors of community to consolidate the foundation for our next stage of work. Recently, I have invited Mr Stanley WONG, Chairman of the Task Force, to talk about the work of the PE exercise and what he expects to achieve……

Conserving and Revitalising Murray Building (22/4/2018)

Located in Central’s core business area, the 50-year-old Murray Building was where my and other civil servants’ offices used to be. As one of the eight projects under the “Conserving Central” initiative, this former government office block has been conserved and revitalised into a chic hotel “The Murray”. Recently, I returned to this familiar place for a visit and learnt more about how the architectural features of the building have been preserved after renovation.……

Exploring Tai Tam: a hundred years of waterworks history (15/4/2018)

Hong Kong reservoirs, endowed with captivating scenery, have become popular outing destinations among Hong Kong people in recent years. Earlier, I invited the Director of Water Supplies (DWS) to visit the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail on Hong Kong Island to explore the hundred years of waterworks history of the territory. Strolling along the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail, you are not only surrounded by trees and mesmerised by the reflection of the landscapes in tranquil water, you may also appreciate the 21 historic waterworks structures which have been declared monuments. These include a number of magnificent reservoir dams, some old masonry bridges and aqueducts, and a red brick water pumping station which has previously been used for location filming and is in fact still in use today……

Visiting the Blue House Cluster again and celebrating the success of the revitalisation project (8/4/2018)

Last September, I attended the opening ceremony of the Blue House Cluster revitalisation project in Wan Chai, and paid a visit to old and new residents from two households. I was recently back at the building cluster with much excitement to attend the award presentation ceremony to celebrate the “Viva Blue House” for winning the top honour of the Award of Excellence of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. This is the first time a built heritage conservation project in Hong Kong has received this honour, in recognition of the “Retain House and Tenant” concept and the community participation approach in conservation and revitalisation. In this connection, I have invited the team leader of the project who has witnessed its birth to share some interesting stories about her participation……


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