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An ethnic minority colleague from the Water Supplies Department–an electrical expert, Mr Swindar SINGH (28/1/2018)

There are many captivating, little stories in a big city. I would like to use “My Blog” as a platform to share the different stories of my colleagues from time to time and let you know more about the work of the various departments under the Development Bureau. I have recently learned of a colleague of Indian descent and that three generations of his family have worked at the Water Supplies Department (WSD). Electric pumps and motors have virtually become part of his life. He is Mr Swindar SINGH, currently the Chief Technical Officer of the Electrical Workshop in the WSD. This will be his fortieth year in the civil service. He describes the WSD as a big family to him and colleagues are like brothers, united as one, regardless of colour and race. I have invited Mr SINGH to tell us his story......

Introducing the Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (21/1/2018)

In recent years, given the challenges of high costs and labour shortages, one of the policies of the Government is to encourage the construction industry to adopt innovation and technology to enhance productivity, cost-effectiveness and safety performance. The Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (CITAC), established by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) at its Kowloon Bay Training Centre in November last year provides the industry with an additional platform to share information of advanced technology, work equipment and machinery and building materials developed both locally and internationally, and to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. Here, I have invited the manager of the Centre to give us a guided tour......

Building a smart city: Development of spatial data (14/1/2018)

Have you ever tried to “check-in” to a location on social media? With a GPS-enabled smartphone installed with a mobile map app, you can tag your location and share it with friends. You can also find out how to get to a destination or search for nearby restaurants, bus stops, tourist attractions as well as acquiring real-time traffic information. All these location-related information is called “spatial data”……

Introducing the Hong Kong Hydrographic Office (7/1/2018)

As there is land surveying on land, there is hydrographic surveying at sea, though many of us may not be familiar with it. Unlike other sections of the Marine Department, the Hong Kong Hydrographic Office (HKHO) has been put directly under the Development Bureau instead of the Transport and Housing Bureau ever since its inception. Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world. In the context of navigational safety, the HKHO carries out hydrographic surveys in Hong Kong waters regularly to gather relevant data including water depths and seabed nature and other navigational information to produce up-to-date nautical charts and publications, as well as providing useful nautical information for port users. Today, I have invited Mr Michael CHAU who is a Principal Marine Officer and Hydrographer to share with us the work of the HKHO……


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