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Precautionary flood prevention works (23/7/2017)

On the morning of 18 July, Tai Po District recorded an hourly rainfall of 70 to 80 millimetres (i.e. reaching the level of black rainstorm signal) for consecutive two hours, resulting in serious flooding in Ting Kok Village and Tai Mei Tuk Village. After the incidents, a number of departments provided immediate assistance and support to villagers being affected. Few days ago (21 July), I visited the two villages and listened to the requests of villagers and explained to them the relieving works by departments in order to ease their concerns. In the past few days, the Drainage Services Department (DSD), the Buildings Department (BD), the Water Supplies Department and the Tai Po District Office have spared no effort in dealing with the aftermath of the flooding, including urgent repairs to the damaged river sections and removal of boulders and debris washed down from upstream, so as to restore the drainage capacity of the river as soon as possible……

Liantang/ Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point – New control point, New milestone, New opportunities (16/7/2017)

A number of major infrastructure projects have been completed progressively since Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. Not only do they promote economic development and improve the livelihood of local residents, but also enhance Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness. Among these is the Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point (LT/HYW BCP) - the seventh land-based border crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year. Here I would like to introduce the work progress of this brand new control point and its benefits to be brought to the society......

Master Lo Pan – continuing his legacy (9/7/2017)

Last Thursday (the thirteenth day of the sixth month in the Lunar Calendar) was the birthday of Lo Pan, also known as the Birthday of the Master (Si Fu Festival). It is an important traditional festival for the construction industry during which the practitioners pray for the success and safety at work. In the past week, I was invited to various events in celebration of the Birthday. I am pleased to see that the construction industry is highly united, and that more and more young people are willing to join the industry to support our infrastructure development, so as to help develop Hong Kong into a more liveable and workable city......

Revitalisation of Tsui Ping River – breathing new life into our flood prevention facilities (2/7/2017)

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. I am honoured to be appointed as the Secretary for Development (SDEV). In the days to come, I will do my very best to lead and unite some 20 000 colleagues of the nine departments under the Development Bureau (DEVB) to strive to build a better Hong Kong. The DEVB will, as in the past, continue to make earnest efforts to develop Hong Kong into an international metropolis for living and work and to increase its competitiveness. We will not only facilitate economic development, but also proactively respond to public aspirations. Building on the work of Mr Paul Chan and Mr Eric Ma, the two former SDEVs from the previous Government, I will continue to introduce our policies and explain our initiatives through “My Blog”. Here, I would like to first introduce the Revitalisation of Tsui Ping River project.……


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