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City with resilience (7/8/2016)

Early last week, Typhoon Nida raided Hong Kong. We received three reports of flooding, one report of landslide and some 400 reports of fallen trees. Luckily, Nida did not result in any major damage and casualties in Hong Kong. I would like to thank the on-duty frontline staff from various departments for their dedicated services to the public during the typhoon......

Resolute law enforcement against repeated wrongs (31/7/2016)

The urban area of Hong Kong is densely developed. Apart from an abundance of skyscrapers, numerous signboards fill busy streets and alleys. Many of those signboards are unauthorised structures which have been in existence for a long time. To safeguard public safety, we are adopting a multi-pronged strategy to rectify the problem of existing unauthorised signboards through law enforcement, the Minor Works Control System (MWCS) and the Validation Scheme for Unauthorised Signboards (Validation Scheme)......

All about Brown Root Rot disease (24/7/2016)

Trees, like other living organisms have a natural cycle. They grow, age, become weak and eventually pass away. Just like human communities, trees are constantly facing threats of infectious diseases, which, if not handled properly, may result in infection to the entire tree group. This will not only cause further loss of trees but may also pose great threats to public safety......

Take precautionary measures and step up enforcement actions (17/7/2016)

The fires at two industrial buildings in Ngau Tau Kok and Cheung Sha Wan earlier on have raised public concern about the potential fire hazards in industrial buildings. In addition to exploring legislative amendment to enhance the requirements on the provision of fire service installations and equipment in old industrial buildings, we must adopt a risk-based strategy to step up lease/law enforcement actions against uses in breach of the lease/the law involving industrial buildings to safeguard public safety......

Retrospect and Prospect (10/7/2016)

I shared in my blog in July and September of last year some figures and observations on the private residential property market, with a hope to help members of the public make objective analysis and judgment by providing them with comprehensive information. Over the past year, the market witnessed some developments and changes. I would like to share some latest figures here, so that the public can have a more comprehensive grasp of the latest market developments......


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