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Multi-pronged conservation uncovers possibilities (11/9/2016)

In late July, I led a delegation, including nine members of the Antiquities Advisory Board, to visit Macau to learn more about its heritage conservation work. Apart from meeting with the President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau to exchange experiences on the heritage conservation work of the two places, we also visited a number of historic buildings......

Hong Kong forges ahead with a pragmatic approach to addressing problems (4/9/2016)

The construction of the Central–Wan Chai Bypass (CWB), which serves to ease traffic congestion in the north of Hong Kong Island, is now in full swing. As the project requires reclamation on an appropriate scale along the Wan Chai waterfront, many public facilities have to be relocated. For example, we installed a mega-size precast drainage culvert unit at the Wan Chai waterfront as an extension to the existing drainage outfall at the end of August. With the completion of the CWB, the new land formed at the waterfront will provide a brand new promenade for public enjoyment......

Cost management produces early results (28/8/2016)

I have shared with you twice in my blog this year about the establishment of the Project Cost Management Office (PCMO), which aims to enhance cost management of various public works projects and ensure the proper use of public money. With funding approval from the Legislative Council, the PCMO was established and has made considerable work progress in the past few months. So far, it has made recommendations for improving cost control for nearly 40 public works projects, which will save billions of dollars in expenditure......

Go forward with cycle tracks (21/8/2016)

Over the past two weeks or so, one of the most captivating highlights in the Rio Olympic Games for Hong Kong people must be the two track cycling events participated by Sarah Lee Wai-sze, the Cycling Goddess of Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate. Every time she appeared on the track, many Hong Kong people would hold their breath in front of the television, cheer for her and share the happiness and sorrow together. As posted by many netizens, “We win and lose together with her”. Regardless of the outcome, everyone in Hong Kong is proud of her sportsmanship as displayed by her perseverance and board-mindedness......

Endless fun at harbourfont in summer heat (14/8/2016)

With the sweltering summer days right around the corner, let’s take a walk to the harbourfront in the evening, to feel the sea breeze caressing your face and watch the tides come and go. Embroidering the breathtaking scenery at both sides of Victoria Harbour are visitors taking leisure strolls and children running around and laughing loud. This is our picturesque harbourfront in summertime......


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