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Space for All (10/1/2016)

Today, I submitted the First-term Work Report of the Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) to the Chief Executive. The report sets out the LanDAC’s major proposals for Lantau development in different aspects, including spatial planning and land use, conservation, strategic transport infrastructure, social development, recreation and tourism. It also outlines the direction of the Committee’s next step of work. Generally, the LanDAC targets to develop Lantau into a community desirable for living, work, business, leisure and study, and to grasp the opportunities of Lantau development to create new spaces for people in Hong Kong. Inspired by this idea, we named the report “Space for all” which has been uploaded to the Development Bureau’s website for public reference. I would like to elaborate on a few main points here......

A great and unwavering determination (3/1/2016)

Last Wednesday, I announced the land sale programme for the fourth quarter of 2015-16. The private housing land supply from government land sale and a railway property development project in that quarter is estimated to be capable of producing about 2,650 flats. Taking the first three quarters into account and combining various sources of land supply in the year, including government land sale (9,720 flats), five railway property development projects (including the Government’s West Rail property development project at Yuen Long Station) (7,440 flats), the Urban Renewal Authority’s projects (1,060 flats) as well as private development and redevelopment projects (2,070 flats as at end November 2015), it is estimated that the private housing land supply in 2015-16 has a total capacity of producing about 20,300 flats. This exceeds our target of 19,000 flats set in the beginning of 2015, and demonstrates the efforts of relevant departments and the Government’s flexible response to market changes and challenges......


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