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Enhancing tree risk assessment and getting prepared (14/2/2016)

As the Year of the Monkey begins, I would like to wish you all great success, good health and a new year full of blessings......

Chilling out during the Chinese New Year (7/2/2016)

The Year of the Monkey is just around the corner with the Year of the Goat drawing to a close. Though the Chinese New Year is usually a time for family reunions and friend gatherings, you may take this opportunity to enjoy nature or know more about Hong Kong’s history and culture. Let me introduce a few leisure spots for you to chill out......

Urgent call for cost control and addressing “congestion” (31/1/2016)

The local and global financial and monetary markets have been in a state of turmoil since the turn of 2016. The global economic outlook has become more uncertain while Hong Kong’s economic and monetary stability has also drawn some concern. While infrastructure investment can serve as a counter-cyclical measure to support economic growth in this macro environment, we must be more prudent to maintain the financial sustainability of public works investments and ensure that public money is well spent......

Belt and Road Initiative - What the country needs, what Hong Kong is good at (24/1/2016)

This year’s Policy Address has put forward the strategy for Hong Kong to play an active role in our country’s Belt and Road Initiative. This Initiative may seem unfamiliar and remote. One may even wonder why Hong Kong has to take part in it, and doubt whether Hong Kong has any role to play in it. Admittedly, the Belt and Road Initiative is still at a preliminary stage pending the finalisation of implementation details, and there will be discussions regarding numerous factors, such as geopolitics and risks, along the way. Nevertheless, if we over- simplify the issue and merely regard our participation in the Belt and Road Initiative as an attempt to compliment or please the Mainland, we may have under-estimated Hong Kong’s competitive edge, and failed to objectively review the current changes in the political and economic development of our country and the world......

Better technical support to prevent bid-rigging (17/1/2016)

In recent years, suspected bid-rigging in private building repair and maintenance works has drawn public attention. The Government is also very concerned about the issue. The Chief Executive mentioned in his Policy Address last Wednesday (January 13) that the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) will launch a pilot scheme to strengthen technical support to property owners in order to reduce the risk of bid-rigging. Let me explain here......


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