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Caring for trees while appreciating blossoms (22/3/2015)

In Hong Kong spring is the season of blossom and warm, humid weather. You may see on Facebook recent photos of beautiful Prunus campanulata blossom, commonly known as Taiwan cherry, in places like Tai Mo Shan Country Park, Kadoorie Farm, the Chinese University campus, Cheung Chau and Quarry Bay Park. Bauhinia variegata, commonly known as camel's foot tree, can also be found across the territory, while Tabebuia chrysantha, also known as golden trumpet tree, is now blooming in our urban parks......

Kwun Tong Industrial Culture Park and a green Hoi Bun Road (15/3/2015)

Kowloon East is transforming into the second core business district of Hong Kong, with a mixture of old and new buildings and including our works projects that seek to improve the local environment. Among them, Kwun Tong Industrial Culture Park and the Energizing Hoi Bun Road – Green Operation projects are intended to provide more green and open space for the enjoyment of the public and the people working in the area......

Building Safety Week 2015 (8/3/2015)

Buildings are not only the place where we live, work and carry out different activities, but also the most valuable assets for many people. As you may know, buildings in Hong Kong are facing the problem of ageing. Currently, there are 5 900 buildings aged 50 years or above in Hong Kong and the number will increase by 580 annually. There are also 20 000 buildings aged 30 years or above and the figure will increase to 30 000 in a decade. In view of this, we must be vigilant in inspecting and maintaining buildings to protect our own and public safety......

Increasing and expediting land supply (1/3/2015)

A few days ago I announced the 2015-16 Land Sale Programme (LSP), which comprises 29 residential sites capable of providing about 16 000 flats. Other sources of supply include railway property development projects (1 880 flats under the West Rail property development project at Yuen Long Station and 5 350 flats at LOHAS Park owned by the MTR Corporation Limited), 840 flats under Urban Renewal Authority (URA) projects, and about 4 400 flats under private development or redevelopment projects (based on average figures over the past decade). Combining these sources of supply, the total potential private housing land supply in the next financial year is estimated to have the capacity to produce about 28 000 flats, while the Government’s private housing land supply target for the next financial year is 19 000 flats......

Behind the scenes at a spectacular fireworks display (22/2/2015)

Here comes the year of sheep! I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year and all the very best! The annual Chinese New Year fireworks display at Victoria Harbour has become a popular celebratory event. On the evening of the display, families, friends and photography enthusiasts gather on both sides of Victoria Harbour to watch the spectacular fireworks. While you are watching and marveling at the fireworks, have you ever wondered that there is a team of professionals working prudently and diligently behind the scenes? They are our colleagues from the Mines Division of the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD). From the preparation work to the discharge of fireworks and cleaning up afterwards, our colleagues must properly perform their duties to ensure that every part of the performance is conducted safely and successfully......


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