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Rezoning of Green Belt sites is open, transparent and reasonable (6/7/2014)

Recently, some groups have alleged that the Government did not fully reveal to the public details of the Green Belt (GB) review. Some even accused the Government of deliberately concealing the truth by saying that the GB review would be confined to sites which are devegetated, deserted or formed, but that in reality many of the GB sites currently proposed for rezoning are vegetated. These accusations are totally unsubstantiated......

Ensuring adequate supply while promoting competition (29/6/2014)

The surge in property prices faced by the current-term Government when it took office was the result of the serious imbalance in residential housing supply and demand over the past few years......

Please understand the truth and support the funding proposal (22/6/2014)

Recently, the development of the North East New Territories New Development Areas (NENT NDAs) has become the talk of the town. Please let me take this opportunity to explain a few points to give a clear picture of the facts to the community......

A place for you (15/6/2014)

Late last year, I talked about our vision and preparation work for the Kai Tak Fantasy (KTF) - International Ideas Competition on Urban Planning and Design. As the head juror, I, together with my fellow jurors, have been longing to see the entries submitted by professionals such as planners, urban designers, architects, engineers, surveyors and landscape architects all over the world......

Innovative and progressive drainage works (8/6/2014)

Two months ago, I talked about the contribution and experience of the Drainage Services Department (DSD) in sustainable development. Shortly afterwards, I was delighted to learn that at the 2014 International Water Association (IWA) East Asia Regional Project Innovation Awards, the DSD was named the Winner in the “Marketing and Communications” and “Design Projects” categories, and received the Honour Award in the “Small Projects” category. We should be proud of the DSD’s remarkable achievements......


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