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The Victoria Harbourfront takes on a new look (14/9/2014)

It has been the shared vision of both the Government and the community to enhance the attractiveness and vibrancy of our Victoria Harbourfront. Over the past decade, various action areas on both sides of the harbour have gone through changes of varying degree, all with the hope to provide a gathering place for our community to gather and experience leisure, entertainment, cultural and social activities at the waterfront......

Let’s work together on tree maintenance (7/9/2014)

My colleagues and I were deeply saddened by the fatal tree collapse incident on Robinson Road in the middle of last month, and we wish the injured baby a speedy recovery. Since the incident, we have received many comments from the community on tree management issues. The Government will maintain an open attitude, listen to your views and keep working hard on tree management. At the same time, as there are millions of trees in Hong Kong, we need your assistance and co-operation in monitoring them and, in particular, your undertaking to take responsibility for the maintenance of trees on your own property......

Inheriting the “Spirit of Creation” of Kowloon East (31/8/2014)

Apart from historic buildings, there are many other interesting places in Hong Kong that are worth visiting by you and your family over the weekends and holidays. Kowloon East is gradually transforming from a conventional industrial area into the second central business district in Hong Kong. As we all know, we have to respect and inherit the industrial culture of Kowloon East during the transformation, with a view to setting the vision of future economic development and creative design for the district and sustaining its creative spirit. At the end of 2012, the Energizing Kowloon East Office commissioned a consultant team consisting of academics and professionals from various sectors to conduct the “Spirit of Creation - Study on Industrial Culture in Kowloon East” so as to record the diverse stories of industry and culture of Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay, and to suggest ways to take these into account in urban design and place-making strategies, thus paving the way for quality urban development of the district......

Treasuring natural resources while extending Tung Chung New Town (24/8/2014)

Tung Chung New Town is the most recently developed New Town in Hong Kong and 20 years have now passed since its development commenced. Recently, we launched the Stage 3 Public Engagement (PE) for the Tung Chung New Town Extension Study to let the community know more about the further development of Tung Chung. We are determined to enhance the existing new town by improving the local living environment and facilities, as well as capitalising on the benefits offered by its strategic location to promote economic development and increase job opportunities, with a view to creating a lively and liveable new town while at the same time preserving the local natural resources for the community......

Gratitude for your support and understanding for our water works (17/8/2014)

As is the case with other public utilities, water supply networks may age and fail to function properly. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused by burst water mains and service suspensions, and we will keep working hard on the maintenance and replacement works. Nonetheless, it is always a huge challenge to lay water mains in busy urban areas. On the one hand, the works may have impacts on traffic and the environment, causing inconvenience to the community; on the other hand, given the high concentration of underground utilities in Hong Kong, co-ordination with other public utility undertakers is required and this always results in delays in commencement or completion of the works. Here, I would like to share with you a recent case of water mains replacement works on Bonham Road on Hong Kong Island......


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