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Taking town planning to the community (19/10/2014)

We are always seeking ways for the community to learn more about the concept behind Hong Kong’s town planning and the work of the Planning Department (PlanD), so that people can better understand the future development of Hong Kong. You may be familiar with the Plan D’s exhibition at the City Gallery next to City Hall Lower Block, which is themed on local planning and infrastructure development and has been patronised by many local people, overseas visitors and political dignitaries. The PlanD has also launched an Outreach Programme that sends colleagues to visit different districts and secondary schools and holds exhibitions to explain town planning issues and the Hong Kong’s latest development projects......

Ten years’ service with continuous improvement (12/10/2014)

Infrastructure developments such as roads, harbour facilities, boundary control points, new development areas, waterfronts, greening areas, cycle tracks and landslide mitigation are essential in enhancing the quality of our living environment and Hong Kong’s competitiveness, as well as achieving sustainable development. The dedicated team behind all these infrastructure developments is the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD), which is tasked with the planning, implementation and co-ordination work. Time flies; 10 years have passed since the establishment of the CEDD. The department has always remained vigilant and has taken on more vital roles over the past two years. As the current-term Government has been striving hard on all fronts to find land to meet the community’s needs in housing and other areas, the important tasks of providing infrastructure and land have fallen squarely on the shoulders of the CEDD......

Let’s work together to draw up the framework of the Harbourfront Authority (5/10/2014)

I have introduced some of our achievements in enhancing the Victoria Harbourfront earlier. However, how can we make the Victoria Harbourfront even more attractive, vibrant, accessible and sustainable? The Harbourfront Commission (HC) and the Development Bureau (DEVB) have recently launched the Phase II Public Engagement Exercise (PE) for the Proposed Establishment of a Harbourfront Authority (HFA) to invite public views on the detailed framework for establishing an HFA and ways to further improve the work on harbourfront management for better public enjoyment of the Victoria Harbourfront......

Historic buildings of churches and temples (28/9/2014)

The fourth edition of Heritage Fiesta will be held from October 1 to November 30 this year, with churches and temples being this year’s theme to enhance our knowledge and understanding of historic religious buildings in Hong Kong. Each of the 22 churches and temples chosen has its own unique features. Apart from serving their congregations, some of the churches doubled as shelters for those who were suffering during the Japanese occupation, while some of the temples were used by the local community as places for resolving disputes......

Zero-carbon building technologies and low-carbon living concepts (21/9/2014)

Nowadays, electrical appliances such as mobile phones, lights and computers have become indispensable parts of our daily lives. It is nonetheless feasible to lead a reasonably comfortable life with a reduced use of electricity or even lead a zero-carbon life. I attended the annual gathering for the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Ambassadors as their commander, and was pleased to learn that the student ambassadors had participated in various green and carbon reduction activities related to ZCB and promoted what they had learned to the community......


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