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Europe's experience in developing rock caverns and urban underground space (28/12/2014)

To cope with the future development needs of Hong Kong, we need to explore more sources of land supply, including conducting a study on the long-term strategy for rock cavern and urban underground space development. As part of the study, we made reference to successful experience overseas and colleagues of the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the relevant departments visited Switzerland and France at the end of October. I also joined the delegation in Paris after attending the World Sustainable Building 2014 Conference in Barcelona......

Taking forward Lantau Development with collective wisdom (21/12/2014)

Since its establishment early this year, the Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) has already conducted several meetings, site visits and exchanges with the community. Last month, it agreed to take forward the development of Lantau through short-, medium- and long-term measures, including conducting major strategic studies and short-term topical studies, carrying out local improvement works, and rolling out public and community engagement exercises. The above studies are expected to be completed in phases from 2016 onwards, which will provide a solid basis for reference and policy making for the optimal use of this piece of treasured land......

Creating a green central business district in Kowloon East (14/12/2014)

Last Thursday, the Energizing Kowloon East office (EKEO) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) jointly held a seminar entitled “Creating a Green Central Business District in Kowloon East”, attracting 110 participants who filled up the auditorium. Among the participants were professionals from the architectural, surveying, engineering and planning fields as well as private property owners, developers and other stakeholders from the local community. Their active participation shows that there is an increasing public awareness of a green living environment - an awareness that sets the future direction of Hong Kong’s development......

How can we live and work happily without sufficient land supply? (7/12/2014)

With the Ferris wheel at the Central waterfront already turning and the preparations for the adjacent winter carnival proceeding at full throttle, 2014 will soon come to a close. The Development Bureau has been pulling out all the stops to increase land supply as much as possible to address the Hong Kong public’s housing needs and the needs of social and economic development. One might argue that with a total area of 1 100 square kilometres, Hong Kong is larger than some other Asian countries or cities such as Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. However, land development in Hong Kong is constrained by our hilly terrain: only a quarter of our land is developed, which means the 7 million or so Hong Kong citizens are residing, working and living in this area of just some 200 sq km. In terms of the average space per capita on developed land, Hong Kong is certainly one of the most densely populated cities in the world......

Conservation options that preserve our legacy (30/11/2014)

A year ago, independent archaeologists commissioned by the contractors of the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) project of the MTR Corporation Limited unearthed a square-shaped well (Well J5) dating from the Song and Yuan Dynasties at the To Kwa Wan Station works site in the Kai Tak Development Area, leading to widespread discussion in the community. With the discovery of other archaeological finds and remnants at the works site as construction began, there was growing concern about how the Government should preserve, study and display these valuable historical relics and remnants. Following studies conducted by the independent archaeological team and experts from the Antiquities and Monuments Office, we have recommended in-situ preservation for most of the remnants, which will enable the public to view and appreciate the rich historic and cultural heritage of Hong Kong......


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