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Satisfying different types of accommodation needs (10/3/2013)

......Besides addressing the need for small and medium-sized flats, the Government has to address the need for replacing them with larger flats......if the sites are located in areas with low-rise or low-density residential developments, the Government will allocate these sites for low- or middle-density private residential development in order to preserve the characteristics of the localities and fit in with the surrounding environment and transportation needs......

Taking the lead in putting up government sites for sale to stabilise the property market (3/3/2013)

......the Government’s 2013-14 Land Sale Programme has changed two policies...the 14-year Application List system abolished from 2013-14...All sites in the Land Sale Programme put up for sale...it is estimated that a total of 25 800 units can be made available from different sources of land supply this year, far exceeding the target of 20 000 units annually...easier for small and medium-sized developers to enter the market and can encourage competition...new sites to be identified in the coming year, if they are not allocated for public housing they will be put onto the market as soon as possible......If bids are not received for land sale by tender in the coming year the Government will study the situation and will continue to supply land in response to market needs......

Homes Underneath Flyovers? (24/2/2013)

......a group has suggested that the Government should build temporary housing underneath flyovers...“Fly the Flyover01”, a project next to the Energizing Kowloon East Office, has recently become a frequently quoted example of utilising space underneath flyovers......you may have seen another example of utilising spaces underneath flyovers in busy Causeway Bay......

Professions work together to build an ideal home for all (17/2/2013)

......express my gratitude again to the six institutes for devoting their efforts and time in giving advice on Hong Kong’s housing and land supply policies and taking up the role as the thought leader to assist the community in engaging in informed debates to choose the right path of urban planning and development for Hong Kong.

Heritage trails - great for “fortune walks” in Lunar New Year (8/2/2013)

......other than greeting your friends and relatives, it would be a nice idea to visit our heritage trails. You can appreciate the trees and gardens along the routes, and at the same time learn about the appearance of the revitalised heritage locations and architecture which have grown with us, enjoy the green landscape inside our city and take a breath of fresh air......


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