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Let's join hands to create a beautiful harbourfront (14/4/2013)

With the commissioning of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in the middle of this year, Phase 1 of the Runway Park inside the Kai Tak Development Area will be opened in stages......marking a step forward for our large-scale enhancement works on both sides of the Victoria Harbourfront......We treasure our harbour. We want to protect it and access it easily......in order to fulfill the community's aspirations to enhance our harbourfront, public engagement is crucial......In the coming years, we will launch a number of large-scale harbourfront enhancement projects......we will lease out some of the waterfront sites on short-term tenancies, to provide entertainment facilities such as a ferris wheel...... the Government welcomes the Harbourfront Commission's proposal for setting up a dedicated statutory “Harbourfront Authority”......will launch public engagement on the proposal this year. If the proposal is supported by the public, the Government will take forward the legislative work and secure the necessary funding. This will be a milestone to create a beautiful Victoria harbourfront for us all......

Qianhai: a great opportunity for Hong Kong professionals? (7/4/2013)

In early March I visited Guangdong with colleagues from the Development Bureau to learn more about the latest planning and development issues in the province. We also visited Qianhai......We also met with Hong Kong construction industry professionals working in Guangdong to learn about their working conditions......Since 2003, Hong Kong and the Mainland have been co-signatories to CEPA and its nine supplementary agreements......Since 2008, Guangdong Province has been launching early and pilot schemes......Qianhai has opened up greater opportunities for Hong Kong professionals to develop their business on the Mainland......We are now discussing with the Qianhai Authority and the key directions to be explored include: (1) allowing professionals with qualifications to practise in Hong Kong to register in Qianhai in a direct and simplified way......& (5)......I learnt that some Hong Kong professional institutions have not set up offices to support their members in major Mainland cities......We will also provide active assistance to facilitate the development of the construction industry and associated professionals on the Mainland.

Saving for a rainy day (1/4/2013)

......There are differences between short, medium and long-term land reserve provided by reclamation......The whole process of reclamation, from the conceptual stage to site readiness, usually takes more than 10 years......other than Victoria Harbour, coastal country parks, marine parks and areas of high ecological value, there are still many potential sites for reclamation in Hong Kong......Stopping reclamation is not a practical and feasible option for us......If the environmental groups wish to propose other reclamation sites, they are welcome to do so. We will remain open and be pragmatic in considering other suggestions......

Facing reality and making hard choices (24/3/2013)

......Why do we have to consider reclamation? Any method of land supply faces a certain degree of challenge......no matter which option of land supply is considered, there are pros and cons. There is no perfect option......in the past there have been many successful cases of reclamation outside Victoria Harbour, such as Sha Tin, Ma On Shan and Tai Po......We understand the community’s concerns about reclamation and attention should be paid to the possible impacts on the local community and the natural environment. Therefore, we are going to......We hope the public can understand the problems and the difficulties we are facing, and accept that there is no perfect option. We should try to remain open-minded and pragmatic, explore all feasible methods together and be prepared to compromise when necessary.

Never compromise on lift safety (17/3/2013)

......Earlier this month, a lift accident in which all the suspension ropes were broken happened at King’s Road, North Point, injuring seven passengers. I feel really upset about the accident and I wish the injured a speedy recovery......According to the Lifts and Escalators Ordinance, which took effect at the end of last year, the Administration may impose different penalties on parties who violate the regulations, including cancellation or suspension of registration, prosecution, setting up a Disciplinary Board Panel to conduct disciplinary hearings, etc. The Administration will work on improvement in the inspection regime, such as the inspection mechanism, the CPR scheme......later will set up a Lifts and Escalators Safety Committee, whose membership will include not only industry representatives, but also representatives from property management agents, consumers and others, with a view to gathering views from different sectors......


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