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Public participation in built heritage conservation (15/9/2013)

Heritage Fiesta 2013 is now under way. This year, to tie in with the theme of “Heritage of Education” chosen for the 2013 International Day for Monuments and Sites by the International Council on Monuments and Sites, we have taken on the theme of historic school buildings in Hong Kong that are either declared monuments or graded buildings. In September and October, 17 school buildings in Western architectural styles and 13 traditional Chinese study halls will be open for public visits......

Building consensus in finding land for housing development (8/9/2013)

The summer holidays are just over, but the Government has not stopped its work in addressing people’s pressing needs for residential housing. The Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee (SC) released the consultation document on the Long Term Housing Strategy (LTHS) early last week, which proposes a total housing supply target of 470 000 units over the next 10 years. To achieve this target, the Government and the whole community should work together to increase land supply......

Preventive measures to meet landslide challenges (18/8/2013)

Severe Typhoon Utor has come and gone. Fortunately, despite heavy rainstorms, it did not cause severe casualties, serious flooding or landslides. Nonetheless, we have never lowered our guard against the potential hazards caused by heavy rainfall. The black rainstorm in May this year served to remind us that we should remain vigilant at all times against sudden flooding. During the rainstorm, 26 landslide reports were received, and the two incidents at the worksite on Anderson Road in Sau Mau Ping were of particular concern to the public. While it was fortunate that the incidents occurred in the early morning and no one was injured, they reminded us that we should always be prepared for danger and take preventive measures as early as possible......

Old and Valuable Trees (11/8/2013)

Walking on a crowded street on a sweltering summer day is never pleasant. While we may cool down in air-conditioned shops or buildings, it is much more pleasurable to enjoy a natural breeze in green areas with shady trees all around us......

Continue to develop our rock caverns (4/8/2013)

Under the multi-pronged approach to increasing land supply, rock cavern development will be an option other than the proposed near-shore reclamation. Back in the 1990s, public facilities such as the Stanley Sewage Treatment Works and the Island West Refuse Transfer Station were relocated to purpose-built rock caverns to satisfy the needs of the community. As a result, Hong Kong has already gained some experience in setting up facilities in rock caverns. Given the acute shortage of land in Hong Kong at present, it is a viable option to boost our land resources by relocating some facilities to rock caverns so as to release the original sites for housing development or other uses......


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