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Background and Categories of Award

To recognise excellence of construction professionals at the design and execution of temporary works that contribute to the exemplary performance in safety of the projects, the Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council co-organise the Temporary Works Excellence Award 2017 (the Award).

The Award aims at encouraging sharing of temporary works expertise and raising the standards and awareness across the construction industry.

Awards are offered in two categories:

  1. Building Works
  2. Civil Engineering Works

There will be Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for the Awards in each category of awards. Each winning entry shall receive an "Award Trophy", which contains the name of the participating company, brief project title and date of the award.

Application for Entries

Applications for the Award are invited from all construction companies with building and/or civil works projects in Hong Kong which were initiated after 1 January 2012.  Construction companies include consultants, contractors and Joint-Venture (JV) companies.

Application shall be on project basis and each project can only make one submission but each company shall be allowed to submit no more than TWO entries for each category of awards.  JV submission shall be considered as one submission for EACH JV partner.

In case more than one companies submit entries for the same project, the Organiser will enquire and then decide which one of the entries should be eligible, or none of them should be eligible.

Submission should demonstrate how the temporary works design was selected amongst other possible alternatives and how it enhanced safety during execution.

Contents of the submission can include any of the initiatives done but not limited to the followings:

Submission Deadline and Arrangement

Interested companies shall submit the application form by 30 April 2017 and the submission by 30 June 2017, both submitted by email to: safetyweek6@devb.gov.hk

The application form is available below.

The submission shall be a PowerPoint presentation in A3 size with font size of 12, printed as a pdf-file, and the total number of pages shall not exceed 10 pages.  All pages exceeding the first 10 pages, as well as any annexes/ appendices enclosed, will be neglected.

Participants are deemed to consent to the Organiser sharing their temporary works design with the industry.  The Organiser has the right to post the submissions on public web-site or other media for non-profit making purposes.

Assessment Process

A Judging Panel comprising representatives from the Development Bureau, Construction Industry Council, Hong Kong Construction Association, Hong Kong General Building Contractors Association, The Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Labour Department and Occupational Safety and Health Council will evaluate the entries and decide on the winners of the Awards.

Judging Criteria

The Judging Panel will assess the entries in accordance with the following judging criteria:

* Not applicable to temporary works that have not been implemented.

Decisions of the Judging Panel

All decisions made by the Judging Panel and the Organiser are final and binding in all matters relating to the Award.  Participating companies are expected to abide by whatever decisions made by the Judging Panel and the Organiser.

Announcement of Results & Award Ceremony

The results would be announced in early September 2017.  Awards will be presented to the winners at an award presentation ceremony to be held on 21 September 2017 (tentative).


For enquiry, please send email to safetyweek6@devb.gov.hk