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(Appointed by the Chief Executive)


Development Bureau
Land and Development Advisory Committee Secretariat, 17/F., West Wing, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Tel. No.: 3509 8840
Fax No.: 2845 3489
Email Address: plbenq@devb.gov.hk

Dr David WONG Yau-kar, G.B.S., J.P. 

Non-official members nominated by professional/trade organisations:
Mr Allan CHAN Sau-kit (Hong Kong Construction Association)
Professor Leslie CHEN Hung-chi, J.P. (Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects)
Ir LAU Chi-kin (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers)
Ms Serena LAU Sze-wan, J.P. (Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors)
Mr Andy LEUNG Kit-man (Hong Kong Institute of Architects)
Dr Eunice MAK Hoi-cheung (Hong Kong Institute of Planners)1
Ir Dr Stanley WONG Kam-cheong (Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators)
Mr Douglas WOO Chun-kuen, J.P. (Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong) 2

Other non-official members:
Professor CHAU Kwong-wing
Professor CHEUNG Sai-on
Professor CHONG Tai-leung
Mr CHUA Hoi-wai
Dr LAM Ching-choi, B.B.S, J.P.
Mr LAU Chun-kong
Mr LEUNG Kong-yui, B.B.S, J.P.
Mr MA Kam-wah, J.P.
Ir Dr Derrick PANG Yat-bond, J.P.
Mr TSUI Wai-hang
Dr Anthony YEUNG Chun-wai

Ex-officio members:
Secretary for Development
Director of Buildings
Director of Lands
Director of Planning
Government Economist

Secretary: Principal Assistant Secretary (Planning and Lands)6

Terms of Reference

To advise the Government, through the Secretary for Development, on -
(a) policies and procedures in relation to planning, land, and buildings matters;
(b) specific development proposals and projects initiated by non-governmental organisations or private sector proponents which carry broader economic or social merits;
(c) policies, measures and specific development proposals conducive to Energizing Kowloon East; and
(d) any other development matters in relation to (a) to (c) above.


1Dr Mak's term of appointment is from 25 September 2015 to 30 June 2018
2Mr Woo's term of appointment is from 21 October 2016 to 30 June 2018