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Head of PCMO
(3509 8720)
  • To devise, promote, coordinate and oversee the implementation of cost control and cost reduction measures for capital works projects

  • To provide cross-bureaux and high level technical support in respect of project cost estimation and budget control issues of major capital works projects

  • To promote cost control and cost saving measures in private building sector through collaboration with the Construction Industry Council

  • To advise on programme and cost management issues for the Capital Works Programme

  • To oversee the implementation of the overall Capital Works Programme by reviewing and updating procedures and practices, and monitor the overall spending on capital works projects

  • To oversee the work of the Programme Management Section
Programme Management Section
Chief Assistant Secrtary (Works) 1
(3509 8331)
  • To monitor the delivery of the Capital Works Programme

  • To monitor progress and expenditure of capital works projects under the Capital Works Programme

  • To review public works procedures and practices to ensure the meeting of changing needs

  • To monitor and vet Public Works Subcommittee (PWSC) papers and attend to PWSC matters

  • To attend to job creation issues arising from public works

  • In conjunction with the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, to vet submissions related to the Capital Works Resource Allocation Exercise and the Capital Works Reserve Fund Revised Estimates and Draft Estimates

  • To oversee the promotion of cost control and cost reduction measures in capital works projects

  • To assist in vetting the technical feasibility of proposed capital works projects